Storm Sea Strait Free States

The Storm Sea is an impassible body of water where violent storms rage constantly. Even the coastlines along the sea are uninhabitable.

The Storm Sea Strait is the exception. With an island, aptly named Stormshelter Island, to take the brunt of the storms, settlements have been made on the fertile ground to the east of the Storm Sea.

There are three city states that have unified to protect themselves from invaders from the interior, Pinewall, Grenmore, and Fogcrest.

Located on the mainland. Originally named for the wall of thick pine trees grown to protect the early elven settlement, the wall was eventually burned down by dwarven invaders. The two groups fought for hundreds of years until they were attacked by Hill Giants and put aside their differences.

With the dwarves’ help a new wall made of stone and protected with magic was constructed to defend the settlement.

Over the next few centuries a second wall was built out towards the mountains to encircle the huge expanse of farmland while the original walled village grew both into the sky and down into the earth as the largest city in the Storm Sea Strait.

The largest island in the strait, though still dwarfed by Stormshelter Island, with rolling green hills and beautiful scenery.

For most of its history Grenmore Island was of little importance. The halfing population enjoyed a peaceful existence, best known for raising alpacas and being a holiday destination for wealthy families.

This lasted until an industrious halfling got into the shipbuilding business and spent most of her fortune building a great city on the small island. The guildhalls, universities and temples attracted talent from all across the Storm Sea Strait and while the smallest city state, it is the most wealthy.

Located on the east coast of Stormshelter Island, across the strait from Pinewall..

A mysterious and often foggy settlement,


Storm Sea Strait Free States

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