Grand Orc Empire


Ilkhanates and Cities

Earth’s Scar
A vast desert broken by two rivers and homeland of the orcs that built the empire.

Ganolfan: Capital of the Grand Orc Empire. Built specifically to house the royal family after a Khan wanted to get away from Oergardd, which had become too large and polluted.

Oergardd: The largest city and economic centre of the Grand Orc Empire. While originally the capital of the empire, it has since been demoted to the seat of the Scar Ilkhan.

The Emerald Sward
An expanse of flat, fertile land to the north-east of Earth’s Scar. The bugbears’ homeland. Contains the unruly swamp of Fenmoore.

Bawpridd: The only major city amongst thousands of farming villages. Separated into the wealthy north-shore and the industrial south-shore, the north-shore is the home to the Emerald Ilkhan.

Fenmoore: A walled settlement built to maintain control over the swamp and try to push out the native grung.

Owlbear Wilds
The westermost Ilkhanate, a mountainous and densely wooded area between Earth’s Scar and the Storm Sea Straight.

Corillera: The seat of the Owlbear Wilds Ilkhan

Melyncyllell: A stronghold built by the Grand Orc Empire to hold Heaven’s Lake.

Heaven’s Lake: This lake provides water to most of the continent and its control is highly contested. It is also located so high above sea-level that most humanoids races have trouble living on the plateau.

Grand Orc Empire

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