Owlbear Wilds

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First Session

Owlbear Fight, Ship Lost, Orc Camp, Cordillera, Elephant Fight

Second Session

Elephant Fight, “Prince” Dinner Party, Magre Job, Find Kobolds, Fight Gnolls

Third Session

Controlled Stone Golem, Killed Hezrou, Maybe went out to save a kobold village from a fungal owlbear?

Fourth Session

If they didn’t already: went out to save a kobold village from a fungal owlbear, Came back to Cordillera to find Beartraps, Investigated owlbear attack on Totterton, Attacked by owlbear.

Fifth Session

Killed owlbear/Ilkhan’s son Bolohk, Threw body down a well, Went to ask some goblins about airship, met Zrel, Killed goblin boss and Goldlaw.

Sixth Session

Find warehouse, Kill supervisor, Acquire Engine, Party goes to Cordillera, Xander kills Totterton, Party goes to Pinewall

Seventh Session

Arrived in Pinewall, Checked out Craigslist, Defeated some bandits on village edge, Interviewed for cartography, Went to check out haunted house south of Fogcrest

Eighth Session

Helped Griffin clear out his haunted house, Back to Pinewall, Started Expedition (with Dr. Idrisi, Dr. Ariadne, Al and Alice), Fought off grappler monkey, Ran into Tarkhai, the Granddaughter of Ilkhan, Kidnapped her

Ninth Session

Went back to Cordillera, Planned to fake your own deaths, Executed on your plan with Magre’s help.


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